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Algorithms and Data Structures
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Computational Complexity Books Graph Theory Books
Optimization and Approximation Books Computational and Algorithmic Mathematics Books
Search Algorithms for Engineering Optimization ©2013 (Taufik Abrao)
Data Structures Succinctly, Part 1 ©2012 (Robert Horvick)
Data Structures Succinctly, Part 2 ©2013 (Robert Horvick)
Bio-Inspired Computational Algorithms and Their Applications ©2012 (Shangce Gao)
Genetic Algorithms in Applications ©2012 (Rustem Popa)
A Practical Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C++ and Java ©2012 (Clifford Shaffer)
Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures Using Python ©2012 (Brad Miller, David Ranum)
Algorithms, 4th Edition, by Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne ©2011
The Design of Approximation Algorithms ©2011 (David P. Williamson and David B. Shmoys)
Clever Algorithms: Nature-Inspired Programming Recipes ©2011 (Jason Brownlee)
Essentials of Metaheuristics ©2011 (Sean Luke), 230 pages
Search Algorithms and Applications ©2011 (Nashat Mansour)
Evolutionary Algorithms ©2011 (Eisuke Kita) Greedy Algorithms ©2008 (Witold Bednorz)
Matters Computational: Ideas, Algorithms, Source Code ©2010 (Jorg Arndt)
The Algorithm Design Manual ©1997-2010 (Steven S. Skiena)
Fast Fourier Transforms ©2010 (C. Sidney Burrus) 336 pages
Global Optimization Algorithms - Theory and Application. 2nd Edition ©2009 (Thomas Weise) 820 pages
Computational Modeling and Complexity Science: Python Edition ©2008-2009 (Allen Downey)
Lecture Notes for the Algorithms ©1999-2009 (Jeff Erickson) 765 pages
The Art of Computer Programming, Vol. 4, Combinatorial Algorithms ©2009 (Donald E. Knuth)
The Art of Computer Programming, Volumn 1, Fascicle 1: MMIX -- A RISC Computer (Donald E. Knuth)
Optimization Algorithms on Matrix Manifolds ©2008 (P.-A. Absil, R. Mahony, R. Sepulchre)
Advances in Evolutionary Algorithms ©2008 (Witold Kosinski)
Data Structures and Algorithms: Annotated Reference with Examples ©2008 (Granville Barnett and Luca Del Tongo)
Tabu Search ©2008 (Wassim Jaziri) A Genetic Algorithm Tutorial (Darrell Whitley)
Algorithmic Game Theory ©2007 (Noam Nisan, Tim Roughgarden, et al)
Java Structures: Data Structures in Java for the Principled Programmer ©2002-2007 (Duane A. Bailey)
Algorithms ©2006 (Sanjoy Dasgupta, Christos Papadimitriou, Umesh Vazirani)
Planning Algorithms ©2006 (Steven M. LaValle) 842 pages
Combinatorial Algorithms for Computers and Calculators ©1978-2006 (Albert Nijenhuis and Herbert Wilf)
Algorithms and Data Structures with Oberon ©1985-2004 (Niklaus Wirth) [Homepage]
Algorithmic Mathematics ©2004 (Leonard Soicher and Franco Vivaldi)
Average Case Analysis of Algorithms on Sequences ©2001 (Wojciech Szpankowski)
Approximation Algorithms ©2001 (Vijay V. Vazirani) [Homepage]
Lecture Notes on Algorithm Analysis and Complexity Theory ©2001 (Ian Parberry)
Algorithms for Modular Elliptic Curves, 2nd Edition ©1997 (J. E. Cremona)
Text Algorithms ©1994 (Maxime Crochemore and Wojciech Rytter)
Computational Geometry: Methods and Applications ©1996 (Jianer Chen) [Homepage]
Lecture Notes on Approximation Algorithms - Volume I (Rajeev Motwani) [Homepage]
Knapsack Problems: Algorithms and Computer Implementations ©1990 (Silvano Martello/Paolo Toth)
Data Structures And Algorithms Sequential Parallel Sorting Algorithms (H.W. Lang)
Graph-Theoretic Algorithms ©2005 Lecture Notes on Optimization (Pravin Varaiya)
Convex Optimization ©2004 (Stephen Boyd/Lieven Vandenberghe) 730 pages
Combinatorial Algorithms (Jeff Erickson) Algorithms in the Real World: Lecture Notes (Guy Blelloch)
Information Theory, Inference, and Learning Algorithms ©2002 (David J.C. MacKay)
Problems on Algorithms, 2nd Edition ©2002 (Ian Parberry and William Gasarch) [Homepage]
Data Structures and Algorithms (John Morris) [Mirror] Data Structures through Java (Peter M. Williams)
Data Structures and Algorithms (Kurt Mehlhorn) Data Structures and Algorithms (Alison Cawsey)
Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms ©2003 (David Mount) [Homepage]
Data Structures ©2001 (David Mount) [Homepage] Notes on Algorithms ©1998 (David Mount) [Homepage]
Notes for the Course of Advanced Algorithms (Johan Håstad) [Homepage]
Algorithms and Data Structures in VLSI Design ©1998 (Christoph Meinel, Thorsten Theobald)
Art Gallery Theorems and Algorithms 1987 (Joseph O'Rourke) 304 pages
Lecture Notes on Bucket Algorithms 1986 (Luc Devroye) 148 pages
Introduction to Algorithms (Paul Taylor) [Homepage] Algorithms (Shai Simonson)
Information Retrieval, 2nd Edition ©1979 (C.J. van Rijsgergen) 224 pages [Mirror] [Mirror] [Homepage] Read editorial and user reviews, and details about the book at
Lecture Notes on Algorithm Analysis and Computational Complexity, 4th Edition (Ian Parberry)
Sorting and Searching Algorithms: A Cookbook (Thomas Niemann) [Mirror] [Mirror]
Efficient Algorithms for Sorting and Synchronization ©1999 (Andrew Tridgell)
Algorithms and Complexity ©2002 (Herbert S. Wilf) 228 pages
Handbook of Algorithms and Data Structures (Gaston H. Gonnet, et al)
Discrete Mathematics with Algorithms ©1988 (M. O. Albertson and J. P. Hutchinson) 560 pages
Computer Programming Algorithms Directory Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures
List of Algorithms [Another] GNU libavl Online Book (Ben Pfaff)
Collected Algorithms of ACM The Stony Brook Algorithm Repository
Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in Java (Bruno R. Preiss)
Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in C++ (Bruno R. Preiss)
Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in C# (B.R. Preiss)
Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in Python (Bruno R. Preiss)
Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in Ruby
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