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Advanced Java
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Introduction to Java, Basic Java Books Java Build and Testing Books
Android Programming Books Java Web Frameworks (MVC, Struts, JSF, etc.) Books
Java Design Patterns Books J2EE and EJB Books
Sun and IBM Java Certificates Study Guides Java Reference Guide ©2009 (Steven Haines)
O'Reilly® Killer Game Programming in Java ©2005-2012 (Andrew Davison)
The Common Java Cookbook ©2011 (Tim O'Brien) J2ME and Gaming © 2005 (Jason Lam)
A Brief Introduction to Neural Networks using Java and SNIPE ©2011 (David Kriesel)
Pro Java 6 3D Game Development: Java 3D, JOGL, JInput and JOAL APIs ©2007-2010 (Andrew Davison)
SCJP: Sun Certified Programmer for Java Platform Study Guide: SE6 (Exam CX-310-065) ©2009
Building Skills in Object-Oriented Design (in Java and Python) ©2009 (Steven F. Lott)
OSGi In Practice ©2009 (Neil Bartlett) Concurrency in Java 5.0 ©2004 (Brian Geotz)
Introduction to Neural Networks for Java, 2nd Edition ©2008 (Jeff T Heaton)
A Programmer's Guide to Java SCJP Certification: A Comprehensive Primer (3rd Edition) ©2008
Practical Artificial Intelligence Programming in Java ©2008 (Mark Watson)
SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 Exam 310-065 ©2008 (Katherine Sierra, Bert Bates)
HTTP Programming Recipes for Java Bots ©2007 (Jeff Heaton) Book Review
SCJD Exam with J2SE 5, 2nd Edition ©2006 (Andrew Monkhouse and Terry Camerlengo)
Java Testing and Design: From Unit Testing to Automated Web Tests ©2004-2006 (Frank Cohen)
Apache Jakarta Commons: Reusable Java Components ©2005 (Will Iverson) 320 pages Book Review
O'Reilly® QuickTime for Java: A Developer's Notebook ©2005 (Chris Adamson) Book Review
Java Application Development on Linux ©2005 (Carl Albing, Michael Schwarz) 599 pages Book Review
Introduction to Neural Networks with Java ©2005 (Jeff Heaton) 380 pages
Modern Multithreading: Implementing, Testing, and Debugging Multithreaded Java and C++ Programs ©2005
Complete Java 2 Certification Study Guide, 5th Edition ©2005 (Philip Heller and Simon Roberts)
O'Reilly® Beyond Java ©2005 (Bruce Tate) Book Review Securing Java (G. McGraw, E. Felten)
1000 Java Tips ©2005 (Alexandre Patchine, Dr. Heinz M. Kabutz)
Java Application Development for CICS ©2005-2009 (Chris Rayns, et al)
Processing XML with Java: A Guide to SAX, DOM, JDOM, JAXP ©2002 (Elliotte Rusty Harold)
Virtual Machine Design and Implementation C/C++ ©2002 (Bill Blunden)
JNDI API Tutorial and Reference: Building Directory-Enabled Java Applications ©2000 (Rosanna Lee)
Java Platform Performance: Strategies and Tactics ©2002 (Steve Wilson, Jeff Kesselman)
Advanced Programming for the Java 2 Platform ©2000 (Calvin Austin/Monica Pawlan) 400 pages
Concurrent Programming Using Java ©1998 (Stephen J. Hartley) 272 pages
Integrating Java with Existing Data and Applications on OS/390 ©1998 (Alex Louwe, et al)
O'Reilly® The Java Reference Library CD Bookshelf, 5 Bestselling Books on CD-ROM ©1997
Interface Design: Best Practices in Object-Oriented API Design in Java (by Bill Venners)
Plug-and-Play Devices in Java Using JAAS for Authorization and Authentication
Groovy - An Agile Dynamic Language for the Java Platform Java Server Technologies (Bob Tarr)
The Java Native Interface Programmer's Guide and Specification [Download]
A Comparison of the C# Programming Language to the JAVA Programming Language
Coding Conventions for Java [Mirror] Finite-state Automata in Java (Bradley Kjell)
Objects and Java: Building Object-Oriented, Multi-Threaded Applications with Java
Getting Started with JDBC API [1.4] [1.3] Java Performance
Java Language Specification, 2nd Edition, (by James Gosling, Bill Joy, Guy Steele, Gilad Bracha)
Java Virtual Machine Specification, 2nd edition (Tim Lindholm and Frank Yellin)
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