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Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing
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Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks ©2012 (Hongbo Zhou) Mobile Networks ©2012 (Jesus Ortiz)
Advanced Wireless LAN ©2012 (Song Guo) Wireless Mesh Networks ©2011 (Nobuo Funabiki)
Wireless Communications and Networks - Recent Advances ©2012 (Ali Eksim)
Advances and Applications in Mobile Computing ©2012 (Adem Karahoca)
Wireless Sensor Networks - Technology and Protocols ©2012 (Mohammad Matin)
Wireless Sensor Networks - Technology and Applications ©2012 (Mohammad Matin)
Recent Developments in Mobile Communications: A Multidisciplinary Approach ©2011 (Juan P. Maícas)
Cellular Networks - Positioning, Performance Analysis, Reliability ©2011 (Agassi Melikov)
Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks: Protocol Design ©2011 (Xin Wang)
Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks: Applications ©2011 (Xin Wang) Wireless Sensor Networks ©2011 (Suraiya Tarannum)
Mobile and Wireless Communications Network Layer and Circuit Level Design ©2010 (Salma A. Fares, Fumiyuki Adachi)
Mobile and Wireless Communications Physical Layer Development and Implementatiom ©2010 (Salma A. Fares, et al)
Principles of Digital Communication ©2008 (Robert G. Gallager)
Wireless Networking in the Developing World, 2nd Edition ©2008 (Rob Flickenger, et al)
Fundamentals of Wireless Communication ©2005 (David Tse and Pramod Viswanath)
Wireless Game Development in C/C++ with BREW ©2003 (Ralph Barbagallo)
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