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Software Engineering Principles and Practices
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Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Books Object Oriented (OOD/OOP) Books
Agile, Extreme Programming (XP) Books Source Version Control Books
Software Design Patterns Books Unified Modeling Language (UML) Books
Coding Freedom: The Ethics and Aesthetics of Hacking ©2012 (E. Gabriella Coleman)
Systems Engineering - Practice and Theory ©2012 (Boris Cogan)
The Architecture of Open Source Applications ©2011 (Amy Brown, Greg Wilson)
O'Reilly® Continuous Integration with Hudson/Jenkins ©2011 (John Ferguson Smart)
Seamless Object-Oriented Software Architecture - Analysis And Design of Reliable Systems (Kim Walden)
O'Reilly® The Art of Readable Code ©2011 (Dustin Boswell and Trevor Foucher)
Hacknot - Essays on Software Development ©2011 (Ed Johnson)
Discourses on Social Software ©2011 (Jan van Eijck, Rineke Verbrugge)
Software Architecture ©2011 (A. Bijlsma, B.J. Heeren, E.E. Roubtsova, S. Stuurman)
O'Reilly® 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know: Wisdom from the Experts ©2010 (Kevlin Henney)
Reboot - Rethinking Software Development ©2011 (David Longstreet)
Implementation of Free Software Systems ©2010 (Amadeu Albós Raya, et al)
Software Architect ©2010 (Nigel Leeming)
Introduction to Software Development ©2010 (J. Pérez López and L. Ribas i Xirgo)
O'Reilly® 97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know: Wisdom from the Experts ©2009 (Monson-Haefel)
After the Software Wars ©2009-2010 (Keith Cary Curtis) 304 pages
O'Reilly® Apprenticeship Patterns: Guidance for the Aspiring Software Craftsman ©2009 (Dave Hoover)Read editorial and user reviews, and details about the book at
The Definitive Guide to Building Code Quality ©2009 (Don Jones)
Information Technology for Management, 7th Edition ©1999-2009 (Henry C Lucas)
Acceptance Test Engineering Guidance, Volume 1: Thinking ©2009 (Grigori Melnik, Gerard Meszaros)
Don't Just Roll The Dice - A Usefully Short Guide to Software Pricing ©2009 (Neil Davidson) 84 pages
Engineering Software for Accessibility ©2009 (Microsoft) 144 pages
SOA Adoption for Dummies ©2009 (Miko Matsumura, Bjoern Brauel, Jignesh Shah) 100 pages
Software Engineering ©2009 (Ivan Marsic)
Invisible Engines: How Software Platforms Drive Innovation and Transform Industries ©2008 Read editorial and user reviews, and details about the book at
Software Security Models for Service-Oriented Programming (SOP) Platforms ©2008 (Pierre Parrend)
Function Point Training and Analysis Manual ©2001-2008 (David Longstreet)
A Student's Guide to Software Engineering Projects ©2008 (Damith C. Rajapakse) [Homepage]
Composite Software Construction ©2007 (Jean Jacques Dubray) 150 pages
Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications ©2007 (J.D. Meier, Carlos Farre, et al)
Domain Driven Design Quickly ©2007 (Eric Evans) 104 pages
Best Kept Secrets of Peer Code Review ©2006 (Jason Cohen) 164 pages
The Developer Highway Code ©2006-2007 (Paul Maher/Alex Mackman) 142 pages
Software Engineering for Internet Applications ©2006 (Eve Andersson/P. Greenspun/A. Grumet)
Enterprise SOA Adoption Strategies ©2006 (Steve Jones) 152 pages
Getting Real: The Smarter, Faster, Easier Way to Build a Successful Web Application ©2006
Handbook of Software Reliability Engineering ©1996-2005 (Michael R. Lyu)
Beyond Code: Learn to Distinguish Yourself in 9 Simple Steps! ©2005 (Rajesh Setty) 119 pages
Applying UML and Design Patterns - An Introduction to Iterative Development (Craig Larman)
Guide to Software Engineering Body of Knowledge ©2004 (Alain Abran) 202 pages
Patterns of Software: Tales from the Software Community ©1998 (Richard P. Gabriel) 256 pages
Ada and Beyond: Software Policies for the Department of Defense ©1997 (National Research Council)
Scaling Up: A Research Agenda for Software Engineering ©1989
Software Engineering with Reusable Components ©2001 (Johannes Sametinger) 272 pages
The Software Development Book ©2004-2007 (Mark Watson)
Working With Objects - The OOram Software Engineering Method ©1996 (Trygve Reenskaug, et al)
Bringing Design to Software ©1996 (Terry Winograd et al) 352 pages [Homepage]
Software Fault Tolerance ©1995 (Michael R. Lyu)
Object-Oriented Software Composition ©1995 (O. Nierstrasz/D. Tsichritzis)
Software Engineering Methodology: The WaterSluice ©1998 (Ron Burback) [PDF] [Homepage]
Software Engineering 2004, Curriculum Guidelines for Undergraduate Degree Programs in Software Engineering
Software Project Management Primer (Nick Jenkins) Baselin - The Bottom Line in IT
IT Project and Program Management (S. Wallace) Extreme Programming: A Gentle Introduction
IT Baseline Protection Manual ©2004 (Dr. Udo Helmbrecht, et al) 269 pages [Homepage]
Object-oriented Program Design and Software Engineering with Java (Dave Goddeau)
Software Engineering for Web Applications (Philip Greenspun)
Recommanded Approach to Software Development (PDF) Software Development Guidelines
Developing Component Software with CORBA [Mirror] Software Optimization Manuals ©2006
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