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All the items (books, lecture notes, etc.) in this website are just Hyperlinks to other web pages all over the world (like search results in Google). Therefor, everything in this website is 100% Free. This includes, but not limited to, books, lecture notes, magazines, white papers, and tutorials, etc. consists of a huge collection of Free online Computer, Programming, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technical Books, Lecture Notes and Tutorials. It is very well categorized by topics, with 13 top level categories, and over 200 sub-categories. It has both pattern and keywords search engines for you to find the titles quickly. The keywords search engine is powered by Google.

For more questions, please read the Frequently Asked Questions.

All the books listed in this web site are only links to other web sites all over the world, except few which we got special permission from authors or publishers. No copyright violation is within this site. In fact, over 95% of the books listed in this site are the search results by Google, Yahoo,,, and other search engines. The rest of links were recommanded by readers like you.

That means, we do not own or host any of those books, and therefore, do not have any control of them. If you have questions related to those books, like their appearance/display, their formats, download services, book purchase, etc., please contact the author(s), (site)owners or publishers directly.

For the same reason, please do not ask us to place any particular books into this site, unless you are the author, owner or publisher of the books.

Note: If you are the owner of web sites linked DIRECTLY by this web site, or authors, owners, publishers whose books are linked DIRECTLY from this site to your web sites, and you are not completely satisfied with the way it is displayed, or you do not like to be linked from this web site, please let us know, we will make appropriate changes, or remove the links.

Authors, owners or publishers are very welcome to place links of their books, lecture notes and tutorials in this site.

If you find some good online free books, please send us the links. we will gladly add them into this collection so others can share the discovery with you. If you want to send us soft copies, please make sure there is NO COPYRIGHT VIOLATIONS, thanks!

If one link (site) doesn't work properly, try some [Mirror] links (sites) if there are some. If you cannot find books you want, try Other IT Books Sites.

Please report broken links, so we can fix them, or find replacements.

Thank you for your coorperation.

Free Computer Books Team

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