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Database Theory and Systems
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Data Analysis and Data Mining, Big Data Miscrosoft SQL Server Books
Database Fundamentals ©2010 (Neeraj Sharma, Liviu Perniu, et al)
An Introduction to Relational Database Theory, 2nd Edition ©2010 (Hugh Darwen)
Database Design with UML and SQL, 3rd Edition ©2006 (Tom Jewett)
Foundations of Databases: The Logical Level (Alice's book) ©1994 (Serge Abiteboul, Richard Hull, et al)
Concurrency Control and Recovery in Database Systems © 1987 (Philip A. Bernstein , et al)
Theory of Relational Databases ©1983 (David Maier)
Data Access Patterns: Database Interactions in Object-Oriented Applications ©2003 (Clifton Nock)
Information Modeling: Specification and Implementation ©1992 (David Edmond) 606 pages
Database Systems and Structures (Osmar R. Zaļane) [Homepage]
Database Template Library (DTL) Programmer's Guide ©2002-2005 (Michael Gradman and Corwin Joy)
Database Management Systems (Ravi Jasuja) Lecture Notes in Database Systems [Another] [Another]
The Linux Database ©1997 (Fred Butzen, Dorothy Forbes) 561 pages
Spatial Database Systems (Ralf Hartmut Guting) Steps in Normalization (R.E. Wyllys)
The Relational Data Model, Normalisation and effective Database Design 2004-2005 (Tony Marston)
A Simple Guide to Five Normal Forms in Relational Database Theory (William Kent)
Foundations of Object-Relational Mapping Temporal Database Management (Christian S. Jensen)
Hierarchical SQL ©2004 (Joe Celko) Representing Trees in a Relational Database
Relational Modeling of Biological Data: Trees and Graphs ©2002 (AaronJ. Mackey)
Open Source Database Systems: Systems Study, Performance and Scalability ©2003 (Toni Strandell)
Introduction to Databases for Web Developers Introduction to Databases for the Web (Selena Sol)
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