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Theory of Programming Languages
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Compiler Books Computer Languages Books
Implementing Programming Languages: An Introduction to Compilers and Interpreters (Aarne Ranta)
Practical Foundations for Programming Languages ©2012 (Robert Harper)
Exploring Programming Language Architecture in Perl ©2011 (Bill Hails)
Semantics - Advances in Theories and Mathematical Models ©2012 (Muhammad Tanvir Afzal)
Semantics in Action - Applications and Scenarios (Muhammad Tanvir Afzal)
Introduction to Computing: Explorations in Language, Logic, and Machines ©2011 (David Evans)
Programming Languages: Application and Interpretation ©2007 (Shriram Krishnamurthi)
Languages and Machines ©2005 (Christopher Cooper) Computational Linguistics Books
How Language Works: the Cognitive Science of Linguistics, Version 3.0 ©2006 (Mike Gasser)
Programming Languages ©2002-2005 (Mike Grant and Scott F. Smith) 167 pages
Advanced Programming Language Features for Executable Design Patterns ©2005 (Gregory T. Sullivan) [PostScript]
The Theory of Languages and Computation ©1999-2003 (Jean Gallier and Andy Hicks)
Language, Proof and Logic ©2002 (Jon Barwise and John Etchemendy) 598 pages [Homepage]
Linkers and Loaders ©1999 (John R. Levine) 256 pages
Language Translation Using PCCTS and C++: A Reference Guide ©1996 (Terence John Parr) 310 pages
Understanding Programming Languages ©1996 (Monti Ben-Ari) 376 pages
Introduction to Programming Languages
Data, Syntax and Semantics - An Introduction to Modelling Programming Languages (J V Tucker) [PDF] [Homepage]
Lecture Notes on Semantics of Programming Languages (Andrew M. Pitts)
Formal Syntax and Semantics of Programming Languages ©1994 (Kenneth Slonneger and Barry L. Kurtz)
Categories, Types and Structures: An introduction to the Computer Scientist ©1991 (Andrea Asperti, et al)
Denotational Semantics: A Methodology for Language Development ©1988 (David Schmidt)
Advanced Programming Language Design ©1995 (Raphael Finkel)
Implementing Functional Languages: A Tutorial ©1992 (Simon Peyton Jones and David Lester)
Semantics with Applications: A Formal Introduction ©1992 (H. R. Nielson/F. Nielson) 252 pages
The Implementation of Functional Programming Languages 1987 (Simon Peyton Jones)
Dictionary of Programming Languages Computer Languages History [Another]
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