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Composing Software: An Exploration of Functional Programming and Object Composition in JavaScript
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  • Title: Composing Software: An Exploration of Functional Programming and Object Composition in JavaScript
  • Author(s) Eric Elliott
  • Publisher: Independently published (December 27, 2018); eBook (, 2019)
  • License(s): Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 US)
  • Paperback: 254 pages
  • eBook: HTML and PDF
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10/ASIN: 1661212565
  • ISBN-13: 978-1661212568
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Book Description

All software design is composition: the act of breaking complex problems down into smaller problems and composing those solutions. Most developers have a limited understanding of compositional techniques. It's time for that to change.

The authore shares the fundamentals of composition, including both function composition and object composition, and explores them in the context of JavaScript. The book covers the foundations of both functional programming and object oriented programming to help the reader better understand how to build and structure complex applications using simple building blocks.

  • Functional programming
  • Object composition
  • How to work with composite data structures
  • Closures
  • Higher order functions
  • Functors (e.g.,
  • Monads (e.g., promises)
  • Transducers
  • Lensese

All of this in the context of JavaScript, the most used programming language in the world. But the learning doesn't stop at JavaScript. You'll be able to apply these lessons to any language. This book is about the timeless principles of software composition and its lessons will outlast the hot languages and frameworks of today. Unlike most programming books, this one may still be relevant 20 years from now.

About the Authors
  • Eric Elliott is the Founder of Mentor of mentors.
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