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Zend Framework: Surviving The Deep End
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  • Title Zend Framework: Surviving The Deep End
  • Author(s) Pádraic Brady
  • Publisher: (2009)
  • eBook Onlines
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: N/A
  • ISBN-13: N/A
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Zend Framework: Surviving The Deep End
Pádraic Brady

Book Description

The book walks you through the process of building a complete Web application with the Zend Framework, starting with the basics and then adding in more complex elements, such as data pagination and sorting, user authentication, exception handling, localization, and Web services. Debugging and performance optimization are also covered in this fast-paced tutorial.

The book was written to guide readers through the metaphorical "Deep End". It's the place you find yourself in when you complete a few tutorials and scan through the Reference Guide, where you are buried in knowledge up to your neck but without a clue about how to bind it all together effectively into an application. This take on the Zend Framework offers a survival guide, boosting your understanding of the framework and how it all fits together by following the development of a single application from start to finish. I'll even throw in a few bad jokes for free.

About the Authors
  • Trachtenberg is working on getting an MBA from Columbia Business School. At business school, he's focusing on General Management and Operations, with an emphasis on the field of technology. He also has a BA from Columbia University.

  • David Sklar is an instructor at the New School University and an independent technology consultant. He is also the coauthor of the book "PHP Cookbook" and the author of the forthcoming "Learning PHP".

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