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Radio Communications
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  • Title Radio Communications
  • Author(s) Alessandro Bazzi
  • Publisher: IN-TECH (April 2010)
  • Hardcover 712 pages
  • eBook PDF files, and a ziiped PDF, 19.05 MB
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: N/A
  • ISBN-13: 978-953-307-091-9
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Book Description

An overview of the major issues in the field of radio communications. Topics: channel modeling, beamforming, multiple antennas, cooperative networks, opportunistic scheduling, advanced admission control, handover management, systems performance assessment, routing issues in mobility conditions, localization, web security.

This book is not designed to replace instruction in a class-room setting. It is designed so that the student and teacher can select the areas that interest them based on the type of telecommunications course being taught. This boo is a fascinating guide to the technology and applications of modern radio and communications equipment. It provides a useful foundation for college students and technicians seeking an update on the latest technology, but each topic is introduced from the basics, ensuring that the book is equally rewarding for managers in the communications industry, sales staff, and anyone seeking to update their knowledge of this exciting and rapidly expanding area of technology.

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