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LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)
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  • Understanding LDAP - Design And Implementation (Steven Tuttle)

    This book will help you create a foundation of LDAP skills, as well as install and configure the Directory Server. It is for specialists who need to know the concepts and the detailed instructions for a successful LDAP implementation.

  • Directory Enabled Applications Succinctly (Giancarlo Lelli)

    In this book, you'll quickly learn to manage multiple tasks in Active Directory, implement single sign-on, and interact with other useful administrative tools.

  • LDAP for Rocket Scientists

    This book is about LDAP. It explains the underlying principles of LDAP and the various Models (Naming, Functional, Security and Information), and provides all the material necessary to understand and deploy an appropriate LDAP solution, etc.

  • JNDI API Tutorial and Reference: Building Directory-Enabled Apps

    This book provides an introduction to naming and directory technologies and an overview of the Java Naming and Directory Interface™ (JNDI). The tutorial in this book progresses from the most basic to advanced JNDI capabilities and techniques.

  • Alternative DNS Servers: Optional SQL/LDAP Back-Ends

    Providing a complete survey of DNS (Domain Name System) servers. It discussed how DNS information can be stored in LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) directories or SQL databases as well as how to construct robust DNS systems.

  • Implementation and Practical Use of LDAP (Thomas Barlen, et al)

    This book will help system administrators and programmers to understand the concepts of directories. It also explains the major steps in planning and deploying a directory.

  • LDAP Implementation Cookbook (Heinz Johner, et al)

    This book will help you understand, install, and configure the IBM SecureWay Directory. It is targeted at system specialists who need to know the concepts and the detailed instructions for a successful LDAP implementation.

  • LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)

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