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Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing
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Computational Mathematics Books Computational Complexity Books
Parallel Computing and Programming Books Algorithms and Data Structures Books
Finite Element Analysis - From Biomedical Applications to Industrial Developments ©2012 (NDavid Moratal)
Numerical Methods for Finance (Robert Nurnberg)
Numerical Methods with Applications, 2nd Edition ©2011 (Autar K Kaw, Egwu E Kalu, Duc Nguyen)
Numerical Analysis - Theory and Application ©2011 (Jan Awrejcewicz)
Finite Element Analysis ©2010 (David Moratal) 684 pages
Finite-element Methods for Electromagnetics ©1997-2010 (Stanley Humphries, Jr)
Introduction to High-Performance Scientific Computing ©2010 (Victor Eijkhout) 234 pages
Numerical Computing with MATLAB, Revised Reprint ©2008 (Cleve B. Moler)
Financial Numerical Recipes in C++: Applications in Finance ©2007 (Bernt Arne Ødegaard)
Fundamental Numerical Methods and Data Analysis ©2003 (George W. Collins, II)
GNU Octave - A High-level Interactive Language for Numerical Computations (John W. Eaton) [Mirror] [PDF]
What Every Computer Scientist Should Know About Floating-Point Arithmetic (David Goldberg) [Mirror]
A Beginner's Course in Boundary Element Methods ©2007 (Whye-Teong Ang) [Homepage]
The Boundary Element Methods (BEM) in Acoustics ©1998-2007 (Stephen Kirkup) 158 pages [Homepage]
Numerical Computation Guide ©2005 (Sun Microsystems) [Mirror] [Mirror] [PDF]
LAPACK95 Users' Guide ©2001 (Vincent A. Barker, L. Susan Blackford, et al)
Introduction to Fortran 95 and Numerical Computing: A Jump-Start for Scientists and Engineers ©2001 (Adrian Sandu)
Numerical Recipes in Fortran 90: The Art of Parallel Scientific Computing ©1996 (William H. Press, et al)
Numerical Recipes in C: The Art of Scientific Computing ©1992 (William H. Press, et al) 2nd Edition
Numerical Recipes in Fortran 77: The Art of Scientific Computing ©1992 (William H. Press, et al)
An Introduction to Multigrid Methods (Alfio Borzi) Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis
George Benthien's Numerical Mathematics Tutorials ©2003 (George Benthien) [Technical Papers]
Lectures on Numerical Analysis ©2002 (Dennis Deturck and Herbert S. Wilf)
Numerical Methods Course Notes ©2004 (Steven Elliot Pav) [Homepage]
An Introduction of Multigrid Methods for Large-Scale Computation ©2005 (Chin-Tien Wu) [Homepage]
Numerical Methods for Electrical and Computer Engineers ©2005 (Douglas Wilhelm Harder)
Numerical Mathematics in Scientific Computation (Germund Dahlquist and Åke Björck)
Finite Element Modeling Continuous Improvement (FEMCI) Book © (NASA)
GNU Scientific Library Reference Manual ©1996-2006 (Brian Gough) [Mirror]
LAPACK Users' Guide, 3rd Edition ©1987-1999 (E. Anderson, Z. Bai, et al) 429 pages
Numerical Methods and Modeling for Chemical Engineers ©1984 (Mark E. Davis)
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