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Number Theory Books Algebra and Linear Algebra Books
Algebra: A Computational Introduction (John Scherk)
Matters Computational: Ideas, Algorithms, Source Code ©2010 (Jorg Arndt)
A Computational Introduction to Number Theory and Algebra ©2005-2009 (Victor Shoup)
Algorithmic Number Theory: Lattices, Number Fields, Curves and Cryptography ©2008 (Joseph P. Buhler, et al)
Algorithmic Game Theory ©2007 (Noam Nisan, Tim Roughgarden, et al)
Combinatorial Algorithms for Computers and Calculators ©1978-2006 (Albert Nijenhuis and Herbert Wilf)
Combinatorial and Computational Geometry ©2005 (Jacob E. Goodman, JŠnos Pach, Emo Welzl)
Handbook of Computational Statistics: Concepts and Methods ©2004 (James E. Gentle, et al)
Algorithmic Mathematics ©2004 (Leonard Soicher and Franco Vivaldi)
Computations in Algebraic Geometry with Macaulay 2 ©2001-2004 (David Eisenbud, Daniel R. Grayson, et al)
Computational Geometry: Methods and Applications ©1996 (Jianer Chen) [Homepage]
Fundamental Problems of Algorithmic Algebra ©1999 (Chee Keng Yap) [Homepage]
Algorithms for Modular Elliptic Curves, 2nd Edition ©1997 (J. E. Cremona)
The Complexity of Boolean Functions, 470 pages, ©1991 (Ingo Wegener)
Art Gallery Theorems and Algorithms ©1987 (Joseph O'Rourke) 304 pages
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