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Geometry and Topology
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Convex Bodies and Algebraic Geometry: An Introduction to the Theory of Toric Varieties (Tadao Oda)
Curves and Surfaces in Geometric Modeling: Theory and Algorithms (Jean Gallier)
LEDA: A Platform for Combinatorial and Geometric Computing (K. Mehlhorn, St. Nšher)
Orbital Integrals on Reductive Lie Groups and Their Algebras ©2013 (Francisco Bulnes)
Algorithms for Modular Elliptic Curves, 2nd Edition (J. E. Cremona)
Lie Groups ©2004-2012 (Daniel Bump)
Probability, Geometry and Integrable Systems ©2008-2011 (Mark Pinsky, Bjorn Birnir)
Vector Math for 3D Computer Graphics, Fourth Revision ©2009 (Bradley Kjell )
Algebraic Curves: An Introduction to Algebraic Geometry, 3rd Edition ©2008 (William Fulton) [Home]
Probability, Geometry and Integrable Systems ©2008 (Mark Pinsky, Bjorn Birnir) 428 pp
Mathematical Illustrations: A Manual of Geometry and PostScript ©1996-2005 (Bill Casselman)
Combinatorial and Computational Geometry ©2005 (Jacob E. Goodman, JŠnos Pach, Emo Welzl)
Computations in Algebraic Geometry with Macaulay 2 ©2001-2004 (David Eisenbud, Daniel R. Grayson, et al)
3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development ©2002 (Fletcher Dunn, Ian Parberry)
Algebraic Topology ©2001 (Allen Hatcher) 556 pages
Computational and Algorithmic Linear Algebra and n-Dimensional Geometry ©2001 (Katta G. Murty)
Model Theory, Algebra and Geometry ©2000 (Deirdre Haskell, Anand Pillay, Charles Steinhorn)
Strange Attractors: Creating Patterns in Chaos ©1993-2000 (Julien C. Sprott)
Computational Geometry: Methods and Applications ©1996 (Jianer Chen) [Homepage]
Art Gallery Theorems and Algorithms ©1987 (Joseph O'Rourke) 304 pages
The Elements of Coordinate Geometry ©1905 (Sidney Luxton Loney, 1860-1939)
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