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Code Bright - Web application development for the Laravel framework version 4 for beginners
Twitter Bootstrap Succinctly: Design Attractive, Consistent UIs with Twitter Bootstrap (Peter Shaw)
O'Reilly® High Performance Drupal: Fast and Scalable Sites
Effective Django (Nathan Yergler)
The Node Beginner Book: A Comprehensive Node.js Tutorial ©2012 (Manuel Kiessling)
O'Reilly® Developing Web Applications with Haskell and Yesod ©2012 (Michael Snoyman)
O'Reilly® Up and Running with Node.js: Scalable Server-Side Code with JavaScript ©2011 (Tom Hughes-Croucher)
Developer's Guide to Microsoft Prism 4: Building Modular MVVM Applications ©2011 (Bob Brumfield, et al)
Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit In Depth ©2011 (Boryana Miloshevska)
10 Laps around Silverlight 5 ©2011 (Michael Crump)
Getting started with Adobe Flex ©2010 (Amitava Kundu, Charu Agarwal, et al)
Silverlight for Windows Phone ©2010 (Puja Pramudya)
The Definitive Guide to Django: Web Development Done Right, 2nd edition ©2009 (Adrian Holovaty, et al)
NerdDinner ASP.NET MVC Tutorial - An Introduction to ASP.NET MVC ©2009 (Scott Guthrie)
Zend Framework: Surviving The Deep End ©2009 (Pádraic Brady)
The Definitive Guide to Pylons ©2008 (James Gardner) 568 pages
Zend Framework Programmer's Reference Guide ©2008 (2005-2008 Zend Technologies)
The Definitive Guide to symfony ©2007 (Fabien Potencier/François Zaninotto) 425 pages
O'Reilly® Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) for JavaScript Developers Guide ©2007 (Mike Chambers, et al)
Getting Started with Grails ©2007 (Jason Rudolph) 132 pages
The Definitive Guide to Plone ©2006 (Andy McKay) 584 pages
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