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Differential Geometry: A Geometric Introduction
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  • Title: Differential Geometry: A Geometric Introduction
  • Author(s) David W. Henderson
  • Publisher: First available in Project Euclid: 12 May 2014
  • Hardcover: N/A
  • eBook: PDF Files
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0135699630
  • ISBN-13: 978-0135699638
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Book Description

The only book that introduces differential geometry through a combination of an intuitive geometric foundation, a rigorous connection with the standard formalisms, computer exercises with Maple, and a problems-based approach.

Starting with basic geometric ideas, Differential Geometry uses basic intuitive geometry as a starting point to make the material more accessible and the formalism more meaningful. The book presents topics through problems to provide readers with a deeper understanding. And, it introduces hyperbolic geometry in the first chapter rather than in a closing chapter as in other books. An important reference and resource book for any reader who needs to understand the foundations of differential geometry.

About the Authors
  • David W. Henderson was a Professor Emeritus of Mathematics in the Department of Mathematics at Cornell University. His work ranges from the study of algebraic geometry, Persian history of mathematics and exploratory mathematics for teaching prospective mathematics teachers.
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