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Getting Started with Eiffel: Language and Environment
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  • Title Getting Started with Eiffel: Language and Environment
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Book Description

This resource will let you become familiar with the essentials of the Eiffel programming language and method, and the EiffelStudio environment.

An indispensable resource for anyone working with Eiffel, this up-to-date guide provides full coverage of the most recent version of the language, focusing on Eiffel's practical use in the development of large, mission-critical software systems.

In addition to a comprehensive description of Eiffel's syntax and semantics, you will find in-depth information on style guides, analysis and design, design patterns, and validation and testing. Descriptions and comparisons of available compilers and libraries will help you decide which Eiffel tools best fit your development needs. The book even includes an Eiffel resource guide.

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