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Neural Networks with JavaScript Succinctly
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  • Title Neural Networks with JavaScript Succinctly
  • Author(s) James McCaffrey
  • Publisher: Syncfusion Inc. (July 29, 2019)
  • Paperback N/A
  • ebook HTML, PDF (163 pages), ePub, Kindle (mobi)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: N/A
  • ISBN-13: N/A
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Book Description

This book leads you through the fundamental concepts of neural networks, including its architecture, its input-output, tanh and softmax activation, back-propagation, error and accuracy, normalization and encoding, and model interpretation.

Although most concepts are relatively simple, there are many of them, and they interact with each other in unobvious ways, which is a major challenge of neural networks. But you can learn all important neural network concepts by running and examining the code in this book, with complete example programs for the three major types of neural network problems.

  1. Getting Started
  2. Input and Output
  3. Training
  4. Overfitting
  5. Regression
  6. Binary Classification
About the Authors
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