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UX Design for Startups
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  • Title UX Design for Startups
  • Author(s) Marcin Treder
  • Publisher: (2013)
  • Paperback N/A
  • ebook PDF (127 pages, 1.9 MB), ePub, Mob
  • Language: English and Spanish
  • ISBN-10: N/A
  • ISBN-13: N/A
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Book Description

Creating a great user experience doesn't have to be a lengthy or expensive process. This hands-on book shows you how to use Lean UX techniques to do it faster and smarter. You'll learn how to tighten the iteration loop, get more customer feedback, reduce the time it takes to get great products to market, and build something your customers will truly love.

User Experience expert Marcin Treder gets you right to work with specific tips on how to make design and research quick, flexible, and measurable enough to work in a Lean environment. Rather than bog you down with a high-level discussion of Lean UX, it offers a series of standalone chapters that let you concentrate on those areas most important to your startup.

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