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Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference
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  • Title: Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference
  • Author(s) Keir Thomas
  • Publisher: MacFreda Publishing (January 19, 2009); eBook (2009 - Date)
  • Hardcover/Paperback: 166 pages
  • eBook: PDF (170 pages, 2.1 MB)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1440478295
  • ISBN-13: 978-1440478291
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Book Description

The indispensable and concise guide to Ubuntu, read by over half a million people! Ideal for ALL releases of Ubuntu! Written by award-winning author Keir Thomas, Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference quickly transforms its readers into experts.

In its clear and concise pages, you learn step-by-step about installation - getting Ubuntu onto your computer - after which you learn how to configure your computer's hardware. Following this you are introduced to the Ubuntu desktop, and the tricks and techniques of efficient day-to-day usage.

The book then describes the highways of the Ubuntu filesystem, and gives a full run-down of the Ubuntu file manager. Next, the command-line is tackled in-depth, after which software management is explained. Finally, system security is described. Appendixes provide a glossary, and a guide to technical documentation.

About the Authors
  • Keir Thomas is one of the world's most prolific and widely-read authors writing about Ubuntu Linux. In 2006 he wrote the award-winning Beginning Ubuntu Linux (ISBN: 978-1590599914), the first English-language book to cover Ubuntu. A consistent best-seller, it was recently updated to a third edition. Thomas is also the author of Ubuntu Kung Fu (978-1934356227), the #1 best-selling Linux book that contains over 300 tips, tricks, hints, and hacks for Ubuntu users of all levels. In addition, he is the author of Beginning SUSE Linux (978-1590596746), and, with Shashank Sharma, Beginning Fedora (978-1590598559).
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