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Quantum Computing Since Democritus (Scott Aaronson)
Computational Physics and Scientific Computing ©2014 (Konstantinos Anagnostopoulos)
Computational Physics with Python ©2012 (Mark Newman)
Combinatorial Geometry with Application to Field Theory (Linfan Mao)
Introduction to Embedded Systems - A Cyber-Physical Systems Approach ©2011 (E.A. Lee, S.A. Seshia)
Numerical Simulations of Physical and Engineering Processes ©2011 (Jan Awrejcewicz)
Mathematical Tools for Physics ©2010 (James Nearing)
Physical Audio Signal Processing - For Virtual Musical Instruments And Audio Effects ©2010 (Julius O. Smith III)
Finite-element Methods for Electromagnetics ©1997-2010 (Stanley Humphries, Jr)
Physical Modeling in MATLAB ©2009 (Allen B. Downey) 160 pp
Electromagnetic Field Theory ©1997-2008 (Bo Thide)
Gravitics - The Physics of the Behavior and Control of Gravitation ©2008 (Roger Ellman)
Lessons In Electric Circuits ©2000-2008 (Tony R. Kuphaldt) [Mirror]
A Practical Guide to Basic Statistical Techniques for Data Analysis in Cosmology ©2007 (Licia Verde)
Motion Mountain - The Adventure of Physics ©1997-2007 (Christoph Schiller) 366 pages
Mathematics for the Physical Sciences ©2006 (Herbert S. Wilf) 304 pages
Relativity, The Special and General Theory, by Albert Einstein ©2006 (Penguin Classics) 208 pages
Electromagnetic Theory and Computation: A Topological Approach ©2004 (Paul W. Gross, P. Robert Kotiuga)
Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics ©2001 (Gerald J. Sussman, Jack Wisdom) 526 pages
Lectures in Physics ©2006 (Benjamin Crowell) [Mirror] Learn Physics Today ©1998 (Keiji Oenoki, et al)
A Radically Modern Approach to Introductory Physics ©1998-2006 (David J. Raymond)
Enrico Fermi: The Master Scientist ©2004 (Jay Orear)
Unsaturated Zone Hydrology for Scientists and Engineers ©1998 (James Tindall, James Kunkel) 624 pp
College Physics for Students of Biology and Chemistry ©1996 (Kenneth R. Koehler) [Homepage]
Spacecraft Dynamics ©1983 (Thomas R. Kane, Peter W. Likins, David A. Levinson) 436 pages
Lectures on Quantum Physics and Applications ©1980 (Paul E Dimotakis)
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