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An Implementor's Guide to Service Oriented Architecture - Getting It Right
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  • Title An Implementor's Guide to Service Oriented Architecture - Getting It Right
  • Author(s) David Besemer, Paul Butterworth, Luc Clement, Jim Green, et al
  • Publisher: Westminster Promotions (April 21, 2008)
  • Hardcover: 107 pages
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0979930405
  • ISBN-13: 978-0979930409
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Book Description

The title of this book includes the word implementor's. That single word describes the focus of our work here. This book is a treatment of the practical issues an implementor would face when implementing a SOA. There are other very fine books on standards and basic education about SOA and web services. In fact, if you are not familiar with the web service standards, you might find some of this other material very useful as preparatory reading prior to digging into the implementation issues described herein.

It has frequently been observed that you can have an understanding of the philosophy of a SOA and the specifics of web service standards and still not know how to implement a SOA system that will provide lasting value to your enterprise. This book is an expedition through the considerations above the standards that come from practical experience in implementing a SOA. It is a practical book for the practitioner. The goal is to make the implementation of a SOA simpler and to encourage more people to deploy their own SOA. After all, today a SOA is considered the best way to create an integrated system that implements a consistent architecture on a large scale, providing flexibility and agility across applications and data for long lasting value.

As with other complex topics, those who have the right background, work on the issues daily, and study the topic in depth, will achieve an understanding more comprehensive than others. There are a handful of true experts in the industry that have achieved insights over time from their singular focus on the topics at hand. A main purpose of this book is to capture hard gained knowledge and make it available to a wide audience. Leveraging this expertise, in a way that we can all benefit from, has from the beginning been the primary goal of our endeavors.

About the Authors
  • David Besemer, Chief Technology Officer, Composite Software David joined Composite in 2002 as VP of Engineering and then transitioned to the CTO role in January 2006.
  • Paul Butterworth, Chief Technology Officer, AmberPoint Paul is the CTO for AmberPoint, the leading provider of SOA management solutions.
  • Luc Clement, Co-Chairman, OASIS UDDI Specification Technical Committee Luc, an industry expert in UDDI standards, served as Co-Chair of OASIS UDDI Specification Technical Committee from 2003 to 2007.
  • Jim Green, Chairman and CEO, Composite Software Jim, a noted enterprise computing technology visionary and entrepreneur, guides Composite Software strategy and operations.
  • Hemant Ramachandra, Managing Director, Business Systems Integration, BearingPoint Hemant is responsible for strategy, sales, development and delivery of Technology Integration solutions.
  • Jeff Schneider, Chief Executive Officer, MomentumSI Jeff founded MomentumSI, a leading enterprise SOA consulting firm, in 1997.
  • Hub Vandervoort, Chief Technology Officer, Progress Software Hub is responsible for incorporating market and customer requirements into the industry leading Progress Sonic ESB Product Family and evangelizing Progress leading-edge developments in the ESB and SOA infrastructure market.
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