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Developing Applications with Objective Caml
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  • Title Developing Applications with Objective Caml
  • Author(s) Emmanuel Chailloux, Pascal Manoury and Bruno Pagano
  • Publisher: O'Reilly France (2002)
  • Hardcover/Paperback 418 pages
  • eBook HTML and PDF files
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 2841771210
  • ISBN-13: N/A
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Book Description

Objective Caml (OCaml) is an open source programming language that allows you to utilize both functional and object-oriented programming. Sporting features such as a robust object system, type safety, and an expansive standard library, OCaml is a language that encourages pragmatic solutions instead of dogmatic ones. Boasting performance on par with the likes of C/C++, and having compilers available for a variety of platforms, including Windows, Unix, Linux, and Mac OS X, enterprise developers should consider adding this powerful language to their repertoire.

This book is a preliminary english translation of a comprehensive book on OCaml, covering not only the core language, but also modules, objects and classes, threads and systems programming, and interoperability with C.

About the Authors
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