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Professional C#/VB .NET Coding Guidelines
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  • Title Professional C#/VB .NET Coding Guidelines
  • Author(s) Steve Sartain
  • Publisher: (October, 2006).
  • ebook N/A
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: N/A
  • ISBN-13: N/A
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Book Description

This is a book on naming conventions, best coding practices and patterns written by the industry expert Steven Sartain.

This document is a working document - it is not designed to meet the requirement that we have a coding standard but instead it is an acknowledgment that we can make our lives much easier in the long term if we all agree to a common set of conventions when writing code.

Inevitably, there are many places in this document where I have simply had to make a choice between two or more equally valid alternatives. I have tried to actually think about the relative merits of each alternative but inevitably some of my personal preferences have come into play.

Use the practical, reliable techniques in this book to:

  • Take full advantage of the Microsoft .NET Framework - and write reusable, robust, and security-enhanced code
  • Build software solutions that are both efficient and scalable
  • Implement rational and easy-to-use class libraries and object hierarchies
  • Adopt coherent coding styles and techniques to increase team productivity
  • Extend your programming expertise, problem-solving skills, and creativity!
About the Authors
  • Steve Sartain is a Senior Architect at Iridium Software.
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