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The Haskell School of Music - From Signals to Symphonies
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  • Title: The Haskell School of Music - From Signals to Symphonies
  • Author(s) Paul Hudak, Donya Quick
  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press; (October 4, 2018); eBook (Draft, 2014)
  • Hardcover: 398 pages
  • eBook: PDF (441 pages)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10/ASIN: 1108416756
  • ISBN-13: 978-1108416757
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Book Description

This book explores the fundamentals of computer music and functional programming through the Haskell programming language. Functional programming is typically considered difficult to learn. This introduction in the context of creating music will allow students and professionals with a musical inclination to leverage their experience to help understand concepts that might be intimidating in more traditional computer science settings.

Conversely, the book opens the door for programmers to interact with music by using a medium that is familiar to them. Readers will learn how to use the Euterpea Library for Haskell to represent and create their own music with code, without the need for other music software.

The book explores common paradigms used in algorithmic music composition, such as stochastic generation, musical grammars, self-similarity, and real-time interactive systems. Other topics covered include the basics of signal-based systems in Haskell, sound synthesis, and virtual instrument design.

This is a textbook on functional programming in Haskell, with a strong focus on computer music concepts and applications. The book describes Euterpea, a computer music library developed in Haskell, that allows programming computer music applications both at the note level and the signal level.

The book also teaches functional programming in Haskell from scratch. It is suitable for use in the classroom to teach functional programming concepts, Haskell language details, computer music and audio processing concepts and applications - or all of the above.

About the Authors
  • Paul Hudak was an American professor of computer science at Yale University who was best known for his involvement in the design of the Haskell programming language, as well as several textbooks on Haskell and computer music.
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