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Visual Basic for Applications
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  • Title Visual Basic for Applications
  • Author(s) Wikipedia Contributors
  • Publisher: Wikibooks
  • License(s): CC BY-SA 3.0
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  • Language: English
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Book Description

Pages of examples rich laminated quick reference guide that will open the world of Microsoft Office automation in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. You will learn how to modify macros, customize functions and create your own programming. Focus on clarity, accuracy, and the user's perspective, this guide will be a valuable resource for composing Visual Basic for Applications code. Geared toward the intermediate to advanced Microsoft Office user.

Showing the Developer Tab; Setting Macro Security; Organizing VBA Projects; Opening or Creating Code Windows; Deleting a Code Window; Creating VBA Code; Running VBA Code; Saving Code; Saving Global Macros; Code Name Rules; VBA Editor Tips; Using & Navigating Code Window Lists & Password Protecting Code.

In most cases the code of each page can be copied into a standard VBA Excel module, though in many cases will work in other Office applications, with or without slight modification.

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