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Combinatorial Geometry with Application to Field Theory
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  • Title Combinatorial Geometry with Application to Field Theory
  • Author(s) Linfan Mao
  • Publisher: Chinese Academy of Sciences; 2nd edition (August 15, 2011)
  • Paperback 500 pages
  • eBook PDF (502 pages, 2.5 MB)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 159973155X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1599731551
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Book Description

Motivated by the combinatorial principle, particularly, the CC conjecture, i.e., any mathematical science can be reconstructed from or made by combinatorialization, this book surveys mathematics and field theory.

Topics covered in this book include fundamental of combinatorics, algebraic combinatorics, topology with Smarandache geometry, combinatorial differential geometry, combinatorial Riemannian submanifolds, Lie multi-groups, combinatorial principal fiber bundles, gravitational field, quantum fields and gauge field with their combinatorial generalization, also with discussions on fundamental questions in epistemology.

Nearly all geometries, such as pseudo-manifold geometries, Finsler geometry, combinatorial Finsler geometries, Riemann geometry, combinatorial Riemannian geometries, Weyl geometry, Kahler geometry are particular cases of Smarandache geometries.

All of these materials are valuable for researchers or graduate students in topological graph theory with enumeration, topology, Smarandache geometry, Riemannian geometry, gravitational or quantum fields, many-body system and globally quantifying economy.

About the Authors
  • Dr. Linfan Mao is a researcher of Chinese Academy of Mathematics and System Science, an honorary professor of Beijing Institute of Architectural Engineering, also a deputy general secretary of the China Tendering & Bidding Association in Beijing. He got his Ph.D in Northern Jiaotong University in 2002 in Beijing and finished his postdoctoral report for Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2005. His research interest is mathematical combinatorics and Smarandache multi-spaces with applications to sciences, includes combinatorics, algebra, topology, differential geometry, theoretical physics and parallel universe.
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