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The Engineering of Reliable Embedded Systems
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  • Title The Engineering of Reliable Embedded Systems
  • Author(s) Michael J. Pont
  • Publisher: SafeTTy Systems Ltd (March 30, 2015)
  • Hardcover 398 pages
  • eBook PDF
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0993035507
  • ISBN-13: 978-0993035500
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Book Description

This book documents an industry-proven approach to the development of software for reliable, real-time embedded systems, based on the use of time-triggered (TT) architectures. "ERES (LPC1769)" describes techniques that may be applied to systems in a wide range of sectors, ranging from household goods to satellite and marine systems. The main case study (presented in an initial version in Chapter 3 and in a final version in Chapter 15) describes a controller for a domestic washing machine. The system is developed in compliance with IEC 60335 / IEC 60730. Throughout the book, the aim is to describe flexible system frameworks that can be adapted to meet the needs of a wide range of different embedded designs in various industry sectors.

  • A comprehensive "Model-Build-Monitor" methodology for TT systems is presented.
  • Modelling of TT systems is explored in detail, with numerous worked examples.
  • Extensive (and complete) code examples are included.
  • Run-time monitoring techniques are described in detail.
  • Links to related international safety standards and guidelines are included throughout the text.
About the Authors
  • Dr. Michael J. Pont is Founder and CEO of UK-based SafeTTy Systems Ltd, a company which provides support for organisations that need to create real-time embedded systems. Previously, he was Professor of Embedded Systems Engineering at the University of Leicester (UK), where he established the Embedded Systems Laboratory, invented the PTTES "pattern language", and led teams that developed the "NISA" safety agent, and the first single- & multi-core processors that were designed specifically to run TT software.
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