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  • Introduction to Art: Design, Context, and Meaning (P. J. Sachant)

    This book offers a comprehensive introduction to the world of Art. It provides a new and free alternative to traditional textbooks, making it an invaluable resource in our modern age of technology and advancement.

  • Understanding Basic Music Theory (Catherine Schmidt-Jones)

    The main purpose of the book is to explore basic music theory so thoroughly that the interested student will then be able to easily pick up whatever further theory is wanted. Music history and the physics of sound are included.

  • Understanding Music: Past and Present (N. Alan Clark, et al.)

    This book creates a roadmap from some of the earliest known origins of music to modern day. It covers the fundamentals of music and the physics of sound, an exploration of music from the Middle Ages to the present day.

  • A Quick and Dirty Guide to Art, Music, and Culture (Clayton Funk)

    This is a guidebook to a web resource of Artist and Musician biographies. You will see relationships between art and music and what you are learning and the way you live, to connect them to your own experience.

  • Understanding New Media Art (Elizabeth Bilyeu, et al)

    This is an introductory college art and art history courses that builds on scholarship in the field to propose a long historical context for the technologies and ideas related to New Media Art in the 21st century.

  • Sound Reasoning (Anthony Brandt, et al.)

    Music is designed to express itself completely in sound. No matter what your knowledge or training, you should be able to enjoy music with the fullness of your thoughts, should be able to explore and interpret it with confidence.

  • Art History and Machine Learning (Amanda Wasielewski)

    How the use of machine learning to analyze art images has revived formalism in art history, presenting a golden opportunity for art historians and computer scientists to learn from one another.

  • China: 5,000 Years Innovation and Transformation in the Arts

    Archaeology is constantly rewriting the story of China's artistic development as yet more magnificent objects are dug from its soil. This huge book covers many recently discovered artifacts that have revolutionized the study of Chinese art.

  • Famous European Artists (Sarah Knowles Bolton)

    The history of European artists represents a continuous, though disrupted, tradition from antiquity until the present time. This book intruduces 10 famous european artists: Michael Angelo; Leonardo da Vinci; Raphael of Urbino; Titian; Murillo; Rubens; Rembrandt; etc.

  • Masterpieces of The Metropolitan Museum of Art (Barbara Burn)

    Cultures spanning the globe and dating from the ancient world to the present are represented in this beautifully illustrated book, which features over 250 masterpieces from the Museum's collection.

  • Masterpieces of Painting in The Metropolitan Museum of Art

    The book should appeal to a wide range of readers, both as a splendid sample of the Metropolitan's paintings collections and a stirring reminder of great achievements in art across a span of nearly seven centuries.

  • Masterpieces of American Painting in The Metropolitan Museum

    This group of one hundred American paintings - representing about a tenth of the Metropolitan Museum's holdings of eighteenth, nineteenth, and early twentieth-century paintings in the American field - has been selected to provide an attractive and fair impression both of these holdings and of American painting in general.

  • Corcoran Gallery of Art: American Paintings to 1945

    This authoritative catalogue of the Corcoran Gallery of Art's renowned collection of pre-1945 American paintings will greatly enhance scholarly and public understanding of one of the finest and most important collections of historic American art in the world.

  • Nineteenth-Century European Paintings and Sculpture Galleries

    This publication was issued in connection with the opening in 1993 of the new Nineteenth-Century European Paintings and Sculpture Galleries. In 21 rooms, the collection includes "some of the best-loved moments in the history of art, from Romanticism to Barbizon and Impressionism to Post-Impressionism," writes Philippe de Montebello.

  • Degas, 1834-1917 (Jean Sutherland Boggs, et al)

    Degas, the catalogue of the first large-scale retrospective exhibition of the work of Edgar Degas (1834-1917) to be held in more than fifty years, is the permanent record of the 1988-89 exhibition jointly organized by the Reunion des Musees Nationaux, Paris, The National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

  • Ancient Greek - A 21st Century Approach (Philip S. Peek)

    In a powerful account of the works of amazing ancient authors, this book reveals the beginnings of knowledge and wisdom in Ancient Greece. Greek Philosophy played a key role in Ancient Greek History and Culture. How does this help us today?

  • Modeling Creativity - Case Studies in Arts (Tom De Smedt)

    This book is to model creativity using computational approaches in Python. The aim is to construct computer models that exhibit creativity in an artistic context, that is, that are capable of generating or evaluating an artwork (visual or linguistic), etc.

  • The Limits of Art (Jiri Benovsky)

    This open access book is about exploring interesting borderline cases of art. It discusses the cases of gustatory and olfactory artworks, proprioceptive artworks, intellectual artworks, as well as the vague limits between painting and photography.

  • AI Art: Machine Visions and Warped Dreams (Joanna Zylinska)

    The book critically examines artworks that use AI, be it in the form of visual style transfer, algorithmic experiment or critical commentary. It also engages with their predecessors, including robotic art and net art.

  • From ASCII Art to Comic Sans: Typography in the Digital Age

    Offers an original vision of the history of typography and computing in the digital age, viewed through the lens of offbeat typography - shows how text is always an image that conveys meaning, and how typography has shaped modern visual and material culture.

  • Art + DIY Electronics (Garnet Hertz)

    This book documents, tracks, and identifies a hundred years of innovative DIY technology practices, illustrating how the maker movement is a continuation of a long-standing creative electronic subculture.

  • Art Gallery Theorems and Algorithms (Joseph O'Rourke)

    This book is the most comprehensive collection of results on polygons currently available and thus earns its place as a standard text in discrete and computational geometry. It is very well written and a pleasure to read.

  • Exploratory Programming for the Arts and Humanities

    This book introduces programming to readers involved with the arts and humanities; there are no prerequisites, and no previous knowledge of programming is assumed. It reveals programming can also be a tool for sketching, brainstorming, and inquiry.

  • Reading Music: Common Notation (Catherine Schmidt-Jones)

    Generously illustrated and concise, this book is essential to any musician looking for a handy reference for the correct notation of music. A most welcome and beneficial source for every musician, whether using a pencil or a computer.

  • Introduction to Metadata: 3rd Edition (Murtha Baca, et al)

    Provides an overview of Metadata - its types, roles, and characteristics; a discussion of metadata as it relates to resources on the Web; a description of methods, tools, standards, and protocols that can be used to publish and disseminate digital collections;

  • An Introduction to Adobe Photoshop (Steve Bark)

    Learning Photoshop can be a daunting experience. This book is designed to place your feet firmly on the path to understanding and will guide you to the knowledge that will enable you to progress into a fast and productive Photoshop user.

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