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Mastering IOS Game Development
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  • Title: Mastering IOS Game Development
  • Author(s) Miguel DeQuadros
  • Publisher: Packt Publishing - ebooks Account (December 29, 2015)
  • Paperback: 228 pages
  • eBook: PDF (118 pages, 6.6 MB), Kindle
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10/ASIN: 1783554355
  • ISBN-13: 978-178355435
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Book Description

This book provides an easy-to-understand and fun approach to game development, with step-by-step instructions and detailed explanation of each block of code. The topics covered range from easy to advanced, so buckle up for a fast-paced ride!

This book is for those who have created an iOS game already and want to hone their skills. A reasonable level of knowledge and an understanding of the core elements and applications would be helpful.

  • Create a complete game with advanced techniques through the course of the book using in-depth, hands-on instructions
  • Learn how to multi-task and improve performance optimization in your game playing experience
  • The author, Miguel, has 11 years of iOS game development using xcode and has released over 10 games to the Apple AppStoreMaster player movement using touch controls as well as discuss motion controls
About the Authors
  • Miguel DeQuadros is a game developer and the founder of the independent development studio, Wurd Industries, based in Ontario, Canada. He has been developing iPhone games since the release of the App Store back at the exciting release of iOS 2.0. Since then, he has released 10 games and 1 entertainment app world-wide on the App Store with more to come from Wurd Industries.
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