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Real-Life Decision-Making
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  • Title: Real-Life Decision-Making
  • Author/Editor(s) Mats Danielson, Love Ekenberg
  • Publisher: CRC Press; 1st edition (August 8, 2023); eBook (Creative Commons Licensed)
  • License(s): Creative Commons License (CC)
  • Hardcover/Paperback: 140 pages
  • eBook: PDF (141 pages, 12 MB) and Read Online
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10/ASIN: 1032524391
  • ISBN-13: 978-1032524399
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Book Description

Have you ever experienced a decision situation that was hard to come to grips with? Did you ever feel a need to improve your decision-making skills? Is this something where you feel that you have not learned enough practical and useful methods?

This book is an attempt to remedy this shortcoming of our educational systems and possibly also of our common, partly intuition-based, decision culture. Intuition is not at all bad, quite the contrary, but it has to co-exist with rationality.

About the Authors
  • Mats Danielson is a Full Professor in Computer and Systems Sciences at Stockholm University, a Senior Advisor to the President, and a UNESCO Chair Professor.
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