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Total Quality Management and Six Sigma
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  • Title Total Quality Management and Six Sigma
  • Author(s) Tauseef Aized
  • Publisher: InTech (August 01, 2012)
  • Hardcover: 296 pages
  • eBook PDF files, and a ziiped PDF, 10.93 MB
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10/ASIN: N/A
  • ISBN-13: 978-953-51-0688-3
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Book Description

In order to survive in a modern and competitive environment, organizations need to carefully organize their activities regarding quality management. TQM and six sigma are the approaches that have been successful in solving intricate quality problems in products and services. This volume can help those who are interested in the quality management field to understand core ideas along with contemporary efforts done in the field and authored as case studies in this volume. This volume may be useful to students, academics and practitioners across diversified disciplines.

This book provides a service-based approach, explaining how companies of all types can cost-effectively translate manufacturing-oriented Lean Six Sigma tools into the service delivery process. Six Sigma expert Michael George reveals how easy it is to apply relatively simple statistical and Lean tools that will reduce costs and achieve greater speed in service processes.

This book also provides real-world examples from situations where the critical determinants of quality and speed are the flow of information and the interaction between people. The numerous case studies demonstrate how Lean Six Sigma can be used in service organizations just as effectively as in manufacturing--and with even faster results.

About the Authors
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