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An Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning (Peter J. Eccles)
Math Alive ©2008 (Princeton University) Fourier and Wavelet Transforms Books
Street-Fighting Mathematics: The Art of Educated Guessing and Opportunistic Problem Solving ©2010
Complex and Adaptive Dynamical Systems: A Primer ©2010 (Claudius Gros)
A Gentle Introduction to the Art of Mathematics ©2010 (David Winterfeldt)
Vector Math for 3D Computer Graphics, Fourth Revision ©2009 (Bradley Kjell )
Mathematics Of The Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) with Audio Applications ©2008 (Julius Smith III)
Mathematical Omnibus: Thirty Lectures on Classic Mathematics ©2007 (Dmitry Fuchs, Serge Tabachnikovs)
Music: a Mathematical Offering (Dave Benson)
A Beautiful Math: John Nash, Game Theory, and the Modern Quest for a Code of Nature ©2006 (Tom Siegfried)
Mathematical Illustrations: A Manual of Geometry and PostScript ©1996-2005 (Bill Casselman) 336 pages
3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development ©2002 (Fletcher Dunn, Ian Parberry)
Maths: A Student's Survival Guide - for Science and Engineering Students ©2003 (Jenny Olive)
Mathematical Modeling in a Real and Complex World ©1998 (Frank Wattenberg)
Strange Attractors: Creating Patterns in Chaos ©1993 (Julien Clinton Sprott) 426 pages
What Every Computer Scientist Should Know About Floating-Point Arithmetic (David Goldberg) [Mirror]
The Chaos Hypertextbook - Mathematics in the Age of the Computer (Glenn Elert)
Theoretic Arithmetic, in Three Books (Thomas Taylor and A. J. Valpy)
Mathematics of the Rubik's Cube (W. D. Joyner) [Home] Practical Foundations of Mathematics (Paul Taylor)
Paul's Online Math Notes (Paul Dawkins) Notes on Coding Theory (Jonathan I. Hall )
Foundations of Computer Science ©1998 (Hans-Peter Bischof)
Handbook of Mathematical Functions ©1993 (Milton Abramowitz/Irene A. Stegun) 1060 pages
A=B ©1996 (Marko Petkovsek, Herbert S. Wilf, Doron Zeilberger) 212 pages
A Cook-Book Of Mathematics ©1999 (Viatcheslav Vinogradov) Mathematics for Computer Science (Tara Holm)
Generatingfunctionology, 2nd Edition ©2006 (Herbert S. Wilf) 245 pages
The Matrix Cookbook ©2006 (K.B. Petersen, et al) Basic Concepts of Mathematics (E. Zakon)
Mathematics for Algorithm and Systems Analysis ©2005 (Edward A. Bender/S. Gill Williamson) 256 pages
Only Problems, Not Solutions! 4th Ed. (F. Smarandache) Grassmann Algebra (John Browne)
Implementing Mathematics with The Nuprl Proof System ©1986 (R.L.Constable, et al) 304 pages
Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science ©1998 (Susan H. Rodger)
Magic Squares and Cubes (W. S. Andrews) Universal Algebra for Computer Science (Eric G. Wagner)
The Limits of Mathematics: A Course on Information Theory and the Limits of Formal Reasoning (G.J. Chaitin)
Matroid Decomposition ©1992-1998 (Klaus Truemper) 408 pages
Logics of Time and Computation ©1992 (Robert Goldblatt) 180 pages [Mirror]
Constructive Real Numbers and Constructive Function Spaces (N. A. Sanin)
Toposes, Triples and Theories ©1985 (Michael Barr/Charles Wells) 345 pages
Mathematics and Biology: The Interface, Challenges, and Opportunities [Mirror]
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