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A Semantic Web Primer, 2nd Edition
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  • Title A Semantic Web Primer, 2nd Editionb
  • Author(s) Grigoris Antoniou, Frank van Harmelen
  • Publisher: The MIT Press; 2 edition (March 31, 2008)
  • Hardcover 288 pages
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0262012421
  • ISBN-13: 978-0262012423
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Book Description

A Semantic Web Primer provides a systematic treatment of the different languages (XML, RDF, OWL, and rules) and technologies (explicit metadata, ontologies, and logic and inference) that are central to Semantic Web development as well as such crucial related topics as ontology engineering and application scenarios. This substantially revised and updated second edition reflects recent developments in the field, covering new application areas and tools. The new material includes a discussion of such topics as SPARQL as the RDF query language; OWL DLP and its interesting practical and theoretical properties; the SWRL language (in the chapter on rules); OWL-S (on which the discussion of Web services is now based). The new final chapter considers the state of the art of the field today, captures ongoing discussions, and outlines the most challenging issues facing the Semantic Web in the future.

About the Authors
  • Grigoris Antoniou is Professor at the Institute for Computer Science, FORTH (Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas), Heraklion, Greece.

  • Frank van Harmelen is Professor in the Department of Artificial Intelligence at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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