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JPEG - Idea and Practice
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  • Title: JPEG - Idea and Practice
  • Author(s) Wikipedia Contributors
  • Publisher: WikiBooks; eBook (Creative Commons Licensed)
  • License(s): CC BY-SA 3.0
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  • eBook: HTML and PDF
  • Language: English
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Book Description

Created by the Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG), the JPEG is the first colour still image data compression international standard. It consists of 20 explicitly defined processes to encode or decode continuous tone still images.

This book, which includes the the complete text of the ISO JPEG standards DIS 10918-1 and draft DIS 10918-2, offers detailed information on the JPEG modes of operation, signaling conventions, and structure of compressed data. It also provides a general review of image-coding techniques, so it does not assume the reader has expert status in data compression and coding techniques.

Everything from the aspects of the human visual system, to the mathematics of Discrete Cosine Transformation, to entropy coding, to JPEG file organization is explained.

If you want to know how JPEG works or why it works that way, this is the book to have. One great feature of this book is the classification of paragraphs having differing degrees of Mathematical insight.

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