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PostScript and PDF Programming
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  • Taking Advantage of Postscript (John F. Sherman)

    This book will introduce PostScript concepts and drawing techniques. It will cover advanced PostScript techniques that unleash the power of the PostScript Page Description Language. Much of what is covered here cannot be accomplished in available graphics software.

  • Mathematical Illustrations: A Manual of Geometry and PostScript

    It combines a completely self-contained step-by-step introduction to the graphics programming language PostScript with an analysis of the requirements of good mathematical illustrations, for anyone with basic knowledge of coordinate geometry.

  • Thinking in Postscript (Glenn C. Reid)

    This hands-on guide shows readers how to "think" in PostScript, providing both new and experienced PostScript programmers with ideas and techniques to better manipulate and optimize PostScript functions and features.

  • PostScript Language Program Design (Glenn C. Reid)

    This book teaches the programming principles that are unique to the PostScript language with numerous, usable sample programs throughout. Setting text; writing emulators; constructing graphics; debugging programs, and more.

  • PostScript Language: Tutorial and Cookbook

    This book provides a step-by-step guided tour of PostScript, highlighting those qualities that make it such a unique and powerful language. It offers a collection of some of the most useful techniques and procedures available to PostScript programmers.

  • PostScript Language Reference, 3rd Edition (Adobe Systems Inc)

    This book is the complete and authoritative reference manual for the PostScript language. it documents the syntax and semantics of the language, the Adobe imaging model, and the effects of the graphics operators.

  • A First Guide to PostScript (Peter Weingartner)

    This is meant to be a simple introduction to programming in the PostScript page description language from Adobe. It was written with the assumption that you have some experience programming and are familiar with concepts like arrays and variables.

  • The ABC of PDF with iText: PDF Syntax Essentials (Bruno Lowagie)

    This book gives a short introduction to the syntax of the Portable Document Format. It's not the definitive guide, but it should be sufficient to help you out when reading the other iText books.

  • PDF Succinctly (Ryan Hodson)

    Understanding the components of PDFs, how text and graphics are added to them, and how the final PDF is compiled. It also includes an introduction to iTextSharp, a C# library that provides an object-oriented wrapper for native PDF elements.

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