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Microsoft .NET and C# Programming
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Testing for Continuous Delivery with Visual Studio 2012 ©2012 (Larry Brader, Howie Hilliker, Alan Cameron Wills)
O'Reilly® Designing Evolvable Web APIs with ASP.NET: Harnessing the Power of the Web ©2013
F# Succinctly: Combining the Best of Programming Languages with the .NET Framework ©2012 (Robert Pickering)
Intro to ASP.NET MVC 4 with Visual Studio, Step-by-Step ©2012 (Rick Anderson, Scott Hanselman)
ASP.NET MVC 4 Mobile Websites Succinctly ©2012 (Lyle Luppes)
O'Reilly® Programming ASP.NET MVC 4: Developing Real-World Web Applications ©2012 (Jess Chadwick)
O'Reilly® Getting Started with Metro Apps: A Guide to the Windows Runtime ©2012 (Ben Dewey)
Practical Performance Profiling: Improving the Efficiency of .NET Code ©2012 (Jean-Philippe Gouigoux)
Introducing ASP.NET Web Pages 2 ©2012 (Mike Pope, et al)
Under the Hood of .NET Memory Management ©2011 (Chris Farrell)
Parallel Programming with Microsoft .NET ©2010 (Colin Campbell, Ade Miller, et al)
Microsoft 70-305 Developing and Implementing Web Apps with VB .NET and VS .NET SE Special Edition Practice Exam
Shove It, FizzBuzz: How to Find and Land a .NET Development Job ©2010 (Dave Haynes)
The Microsoft .NET Developer eBook ©2009 (Pearson Education, Inc.)
Professional ASP.NET MVC 1.0 ©2009 (Scott Guthrie, et al)
Microsoft Application Architecture Guide 2.0: Designing Applications on the .NET Platform ©2009 (Microsoft)
The Definitive Guide to Building Code Quality ©2009 (Don Jones)
Foundations of Programming using .NET: Building Better Software ©2008 (Karl Seguin) [Mirror]
Professional C#/VB .NET Coding Guidelines ©2006 (Steve Sartain) 104 pages
An Introduction to ASP.NET using Visual Basic.NET ©2005 (Peter McMahon) 373 pages
Visual Studio .NET Tips and Tricks ©2004-2006 (Minh T. Nguyen)
COM and .NET Interoperability ©2002-2005 (Andrew Troelsen) 792 pages
The .NET Developer's Guide to Windows Security ©2004 (Keith Brown) Book Review
.NET Compact Framework Programming with C# and Visual Basic .NET ©2004 (Paul Yao, David Durant)
Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability (Patterns & Practices) ©2004
Application Architecture for .NET: Designing Applications and Services (Patterns & Practices) ©2003
Enterprise Solution Patterns Using Microsoft .NET: Version 2.0 ©2003
Improving Web Application Security: Threats and Countermeasures (Patterns & Practices) ©2003
Building Secure ASP.NET Applications: Authentication, Authorization, and Secure Communication ©2003
Sams Teach Yourself Visual Studio .NET 2003 in 21 Days ©2003 (Jason Beres) 696 pages
Upgrading Visual Basic 6.0 to Visual Basic .NET ©2002 (Ed Robinson, Robert Ian Oliver, et at)
ASP.NET Web Developer's Guide ©2001 (Jonathon Ortiz, Mesbah Ahmed, et al) 736 pages
Web Scripting in Windows(.NET) by William R Champion
A Guide to .NET Framework  
A Programmer's Introduction to Visual Basic.NET (Craig Utley)
The Spring.NET Framework Running .NET on Unix - The Mono Handbook
Visual Studio.NET with C# ASP.NET with C#
Application Interoperability: Microsoft .NET and J2EE Visual Basic.Net
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