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Digital Preservation, Libraries, Collections, and Archiving
Digital Curation and Preservation Bibliography ©2010-2011 (Charles W. Bailey, Jr.)
Electronic Theses and Dissertations Bibliography ©2005-2011 (Charles W. Bailey, Jr.)
A Guide to Distributed Digital Preservation ©2010 (Katherine Skinner, Matt Schultz)
Copyright and Cultural Institutions: Guidelines for U.S. Libraries, Archives, and Museums ©2009 (Peter Hirtle, et al)
Introduction to Metadata: Revised Edition ©2008 (Murtha Baca, et al) 96 pages
Strategies for Sustaining Digital Libraries ©2008 (Katherine Skinner, Martin Halbert) 124 pages
Technology in Libraries: Essays in Honor of Anne Grodzins Lipow ©2008 (Roy Tennant) 128 pages
The Joy of Computing: A Cookbook for Small and Rural Libraries ©2008 (MaintainIT Project)
International Study on the Impact of Copyright Law on Digital Preservation ©2008, 219 pages
Recording, Documentation, and Information Management for the Conservation of Heritage Places ©2007 (Letellier)
A Framework of Guidance for Building Good Digital Collections, 3rd Edition ©2007
ODLIS — Online Dictionary for Library and Information Science ©2007 (Joan M. Reitz)
Digital History: A Guide to Gathering, Preserving, And Presenting the Past on the Web ©2005 (D.J. Cohen)
Archiving Websites: General Considerations and Strategies ©2005 (Niels Brügger)
A Companion to Digital Humanities ©2004 (Susan Schreibman, et al) 640 pages [Mirror]
Digital Preservation and Permanent Access to Scientific Information: The State of the Practice ©2004 (Gail M. Hodge)
It's About Time: Research Challenges in Digital Archiving and Long-Term Preservation (August 2003) [Mirror]
The State of Digital Preservation: An International Perspective ©2002 Read editorial and user reviews, and details about the book at
Building and Sustaining Digital Collections: Models for Libraries and Museums ©2001 (Abby Smith)
Digital Libraries ©2000 (William Y. Arms) 344 pages
Systems of Knowledge Organization for Digital Libraries: Beyond Traditional Authority Files ©2000 (Gail M. Hodge)
Accessibility and Integrity of Networked Information Collections ©1993
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