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BSD and FreeBSD
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  • O'Reilly® The Complete FreeBSD: Documentation from the Source

    The book provides in-depth information of FreeBSD on installation and updates, back-ups, printers, RAID, various Internet services, firewalls, the graphical X Window system, and much more.

  • FreeBSD Handbook (Murray Stokely, Chern Lee)

    The book is the definitive FreeBSD tutorial and reference. It provides step by step instructions and installing FreeBSD on a PC, setting up a graphical desktop environment, and installing additional third party software.

  • O'Reilly® Using C on the BSD UNIX System (David A. Curry)

    This book provides a thorough introduction to the UNIX (BSD) system call libraries. It is aimed at programmers who already know C, but who want to take full advantage of the UNIX programming environment.

  • The Design and Implementation of the 4.4BSD Operating System

    This book describes the design and implementation of the BSD operating system - previously known as the Berkeley version of UNIX.

  • FreeBSD System Programming (Nathan Boeger, Mana Tominaga)

    This book is intended as a resource to system programming on BSDs. The reader should be familiar with basic programming in C or C++. The information in this book might be aimed toward the beginning programmer - indeed, it could serve useful for the programmer unfamiliar with the FreeBSD platform.

  • Absolute FreeBSD: The Complete Guide to FreeBSD, 2nd Edition

    This book is your complete guide to FreeBSD, covers installation, networking, security, network services, system performance, kernel tweaking, filesystems, SMP, upgrading, crash debugging, and much more.

  • FreeBSD Documentation Project Primer for New Contributors

    This primer covers everything you will need to know in order to start contributing to the FreeBSD Documentation Project, from the tools and software you will be using (both mandatory and recommended) to the philosophy behind the Documentation Project.

  • BSD and FreeBSD

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